A Few Kind Words – Steven Rand

“Steve Rand has advised me for the last 21 years on matters concerning customer targeting, data base management and market insight. He is a pioneer in this field and in my estimation without peer. He has, along with a short list of other pioneers, injected American business with the science of Database Marketing thereby geometrically enhancing the productivity and competitive nature of our corporations. If I had only one draft choice to ensure my companies marketing and targeting were successful it would be Mr. Rand.”

Robin D. Richards, Founding President MP3.com
Chairman & CEO NTI Group


“I have worked with Steve Rand for over 15 years in securing data, business consultation and leveraging his expertize in our industry. Steve has helped Toshiba develop cutting edge programs to deliver the value that makes our SFA program an industry leader. Through his assistance we have been able to implement an SFA program with little or no problems. The responsiveness of Steve and his staff has always been stellar. He is always there to support our goals with fresh ideas to become # 1 in the industry.”

Anthony V. Codianni, Director
Education and Development Group
Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc


“I’ve worked with Steve both as a colleague and with Steve as a service provider for close to 20 years. Steve is a highly focused individual with tremendous organizational skills. He shows a high degree of integrity and putting the needs of the client first and foremost. Steve is very personable and disciplined who will see each and every project from its initiation to its successful conclusion. I would recommend Steve for any type of activity that draws upons his strong skills and character.” June 23, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Steven Blonder, Integrated Marketing Communications – Lenovo
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Steve is, quite simply, the most knowledgeable direct marketing professional I have met in my 20 years in business—and his ability to turn that knowledge into action produces real time results for me and for my clients. Steve is an entrepreneur at heart with an unstoppable ability to “cut through the clutter” and focus on bottom line impact.

Since we met in 1990, I have leveraged Steve’s experience, knowledge and contacts in areas as diverse as database marketing and analysis, direct mail, and telemarketing; and to this day Steve continues to be the First Person to whom I go for advice in the whole area of “b-to-b direct marketing program management”.

The bad news is there is no one book, and I would say there is no one company, that can capture all the learning that the b-t-b direct marketing business has generated from the 1970’s to today—but the good news is this: if you have access to Steve you have access to all of that learning in a single person.

And if Steve doesn’t know an answer, I have found he is one phone call from the person who does know it. He also happens to be generous, elegant and one of the funniest guys I have ever known. If his intelligence doesn’t lift you and your organization up, his spirit certainly will.” – March 5, 2008

Dean Minuto, President, Chair, Teligent Corporation, Vistage International


“When it comes to direct marketing Steve Rand is simply the best man to get the job done.  His broad intelligence and expansive knowledge have made Steve one of the most gifted business thought leaders around.  As a person who knows him first professionally and then  personally, I  find myself  often seek ing  his advice on a wide range of business matters.
Steve’s abilities and skills quickly assess the marketing opportunity and then with considered thought identify the solutions to optimize the outcome.  He is down-to-earth in understanding of people and has the ability to apply tactical solutions to seemingly complex problems.

An expert in lead generation, contact and conversion strategy, Steve is “The Source” to retain because of his ability to execute complex campaigns in a timely and cost efficient manner delivering results all along the way.

What I like most about Steve is he is not learning on my money.  He has been involved with hundreds of marketing campaigns, many very successful, and that pays off on the bottom line.”

Joseph C. Volpe, Chief Operating Officer ,Integrated Media Solutions, LLC


“During my 30 + years as a sales and marketing officer at D&B, I had the opportunity to work closely and observe countless high powered customer facing professionals. Steve Rand always stood head and shoulders above the rest! I cannot say too much about his capabilities and contributions, to his company and more importantly, to his clients. Steve’s broad vision and his drive to provide financial results, combined with an impeccable customer service ethic, placed him as number one among his highly competitive colleagues then….and now.”

Jerry Reisberg, VP Sales Dun & Bradstreet

Steve has been the number one sales performer almost every year at D&B for the past 30 years. He is the consummate sale professional. He is driven and can handle the largest corporate relationships. Steve never leaves money on the table. He had taught me more about consultative selling as his manager than I ever received from anyone I worked for.” August 27, 2007

Steve Horne, SVP, Dun & Bradstreet

A Few Kind Words – Matt Staudt

“I have collaborated with Matt on projects for a number of years. I have found him to be extremely knowledgable, professional, and very much in tune with his clients’ needs. He is an astute businessman and I consider him one of my trusted advisors.” April 8, 2007


Val Swisher, President & CEO, Oak Hill Corporation

“I had the pleasure of partnering with Matt on several projects. It was a great experience working with Matt and his entire team. Matt is a true professional, a great resource and a very sharp individual. I’ve recommended Matt to several others over the past few years and will continue to do so.” April 8, 2007

Dave Bernarducci, Vice President, Oak Hill Corporation


“I’ve worked with Matt for many years, and have counted on him and his organization to consistently deliver outstanding results. We have used him for direct response, web site creation, and a number of other marketing initiatives. Regardless of the project or the budget, he always takes the time to fully understand our needs, and makes recommendations to ensure that we exceed our objectives. Matt has instilled these values in every member of his team.” April 8, 2007

Judah Zeigler , Associate VP Retail & Consumer Marketing, Sharp Electronics Corporation


“I first met Matt in the early days of Interactive Marketing Group when his organization supported multiple large print and CD jobs, challenged by a 4-company group (Versit: Apple, AT&T, IBM, Siemens) of ever-changing decision makers. Patience was paramount, yet always received gold glove service with a smile by either Matt or his staff. Matt’s company has grown, services have grown, everything has grown – much due to his customer-first style that he never lets die. To this day, his style emanates on top of the many people I have met in my career. Matt is a standout and working with him or his team is *always* a joy, even when there is trickiness involved (as work projects often include).” March 2, 2008

Ellen Feaheny


“Having worked with Matt over the past 6 years I have found his insight and knowledge to be invaluable in developing comprehensive and extremely effective marketing programs for both my company and my client organizations.  His direction and steady demeanor has been a excellent guide through the muddy waters of direct marketing”


Dean J. D’Ambrosi | Managing Partner
(C) Partners, LLC