Imagine some of your customers and key prospects are ready to acquire a product or service that you sell TODAY.

However, with the potential prospect base for your products/services extending into the millions of businesses, and possibly tens of millions of individuals your channels of distribution are just not capable of reaching them all to identify which ones are ready.

Harnessing the proper combination of direct mail, e-marketing and tele-marketing can allow you to reach the correct audience with the right message at the right times as well as develop processes that allow customers and prospects the ability to reach out to you when they are ready.

These direct marketing techniques, properly deployed, have the reach to raise to the surface those companies and individuals in a buying mode NOW. This allows your sales channels to concentrate on putting together the compelling reasons to buy from you, converting prospecting time into closing time.

Remember, a well conceived lead generation program does not close a sale, only sales people do that. Your sales channels are best leveraged when they are compensated, not to uncover opportunity, but to close sales. The more time they have to perform the latter the better the overall sales results.

Therefore, it’s critical to put your brand in front of your high potential target audiences on a consistent basis.

When you have done the proper planning and segmentation and the proper mix of effective lead generation programs are in-place you will have increased the opportunities for those programs and your sales channels being there as early as possible in your prospect’s buying cycle.