High quality marketing information is an essential ingredient in making good business decisions.

That’s why M2B can be an important resource for creating the new marketing segmentation strategies for targeted sales success.

Researching through an array of data sources, claims from multiple data providers on their capabilities, compilation techniques, recency on freshness,  availability of the data elements that are important to you for targeting that represent the highest potential for your products and services can be daunting, time consuming and lead to decisions made in haste to avoid campaigns that are launched just after the nick of time.

With decades of experience available via M2B you can tap into unmatched resources that have been our foundation in developing hundreds of successful programs for clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

Our clients have faced challenges that range from how best to remove costs from their direct mail programs to the development of integrated programs that leverage direct mail, e-marketing and tele-marketing resources.

Other clients, who sell via 3rd party channels, need to gain insight into what their end-user buyers really look like to develop their most profitable segmentation strategy.

M2B believes all customers are important but the highest potential customers can become the most profitable when focusing concentrated resources to maximize share of wallet and bottom line gains.