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Segmentation Strategy

With insight derived from the new database capabilities M2B can now assist you to formulate new ways to look at going to market that include:
  • Are your sales resources focused on the correct most profitable segments?
  • Can you profitably drive further down market to the small/mid size business or up-market to the major account marketplace with inside sales teams or do you need to re-focus and establish 3rd party sales channels and/or sales force re-organization?
  • Can you successfully increase your share of wallet by dedicating additional resources to your high value, most important customers?
  • Has your analysis now identified high potential prospects and how do you best reach them?
  • Do you leave “money on the table” by not having explored alliances that can increase your revenue in new industries or applications you have previously been locked out of before?

For these and answers to other questions allow M2B the opportunity to design a segmentation strategy harnessing database intelligence that will align your internal and channel resources to the market segments that will return the highest ROI.