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Database Development

There are many worthwhile data providers and tools to assist you in bringing together your internal data that may reside in many disparate places in your company with the external data you need to gain a comprehensive picture of your marketplace.

Whether you are looking to upgrade existing databases to migrate to new platforms or starting to build your first sales and marketing information data repository there is only so much you can do internally without looking for assistance from 3rd parties.

This must include engaging with the correct vendors who will have the proven processes to get your data “in-shape”, organized and kept refreshed and then married to reliable external data to support your decision making.

Let M2B act as your data steward to support your internal departments, to minimize the disruption of their day-to-day responsibilities, and provide the expertise needed to exam and evaluate the best external suppliers to support what’s needed to be done.

M2B works with your departments to understand where the “best” most reliable data resides, the extraction methodology and the organization of the data for the integration into the ultimate database platform you need to support your decisions that will enable you to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. In addition, we will work with each internal data source to return back to them the enhanced data they need to run their business.

With our modular approach you can come to rely on M2B as your outside support team project director. Our services cover the spectrum from developing an RFP to submit to potential service providers, reviewing proposals, negotiating investment and timelines to acting as the general contractor to work with chosen vendors to develop the project plan, set realistic benchmarks and ensure the project comes in on time and budget.