Orchestrating a successful program that will meet and exceed your expectations takes multiple best of breed resources that have the wealth of knowledge and real life experience to harmonize into delivering world-class results. While we all are totally independent companies together we can bring incredible value to you.

Combined, we have the proven resources to provide a wide range of modular turnkey direct marketing program components that through M2B can allow you to interface with a single point of contact that is focused on your success.

Over the years M2B has been proud of its work with the following partners:

MSC Marketing Software Company is a service bureau with in-house access to both Business & Consumer files. Over 28 years of experience MSC has created the flexible program architecture to support channel business development programs that include proprietary applications to provide “Dealer Protection” and automated web access to customized databases via their CyberCount campaign management platform.

MSC’s unique differentiator is their ability to “crunch” large quantities of disparate data sources and turnaround in short timeframes customized solutions to solve client challenges for a host of direct marketing applications.

VDC Venture Development Center, Inc

Venture Development Center (VDC) is an advisory and investment services firm with deep experience and contacts in the information services industry. VDC identifies information-based assets/sources, develops innovative product and distribution concepts, and creates business plans for their monetization:

Advisory Services

  • Identify breakthrough innovation concepts
  • Evaluate innovations
  • Develop and/or refine implementation plans
  • Identify and secure first customers
  • Recruit staff as needed
  • Evaluate initial and ongoing deployment success

Investment Services

  • Identify sources of funding
  • Assist management in evaluating sources of funding
  • Advise management regarding acquisition and divestiture plans

Since 1992, VDC has worked with dozens of firms both within and outside the information services industry to identify, define, and implement innovative breakthrough strategies. VDC has created many new product, distribution, and market development ideas yielding exceptional returns for its clients. Collaboration typically involves strategy formulation, product creation, marketplace distribution, early-stage investment support, and business development.

DE Digital Entropy is a design firm that specializes in all forms of media. There is no project too big and no medium too small for our cast of multi-talented designers who will find ways to fix the system and bring order to the chaos of your digital world.

teligent Performance Optimization

Teligent’s Ready2Perform® is a performance system created to optimize performance in call centers with a specific focus on increasing conversion rates and decreasing Agent turnover.