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Channel Marketing

More and more, companies are seeking bold, innovative ways of leveraging their marketing efforts to support their channel sales strategy more effectively.

Focused direct marketing programs can assist clients to pinpoint and persuade prospects.  Creative and complementary telemarketing activities can provide powerful follow-up.  Innovative promotional campaigns can create awareness and let rise to the surface prospects ready-to-buy.

All these activities can be powered by M2B to increase the effectiveness of your channel business development marketing programs – while saving time, money and resources.

Companies that market thru 3rd party channels need to enhance their support programs with offerings that will generate increased new sales activity that will ultimately increase share of wallet and channel loyalty.

There are several components available through M2B to enhance support programs that new lead generation programs can complement.

A systematic, targeted approach to generate and follow up on leads while obtaining market place knowledge is a necessity in today’s highly competitive global environment.

However, achieving the goal of successful sales is a challenge that requires the integration of a number of prospecting methods. They include the marriage of direct mail, telemarketing, the Internet and the development of a database marketing capability that cannot be left exclusively to your independent reseller channel if you expect to achieve your sales goals.

Many resellers handle multiple product categories. You have a dual audience to consider when developing marketing and new business lead generation programs:

  • End-User who has the option to buy from multiple vendors and sources
  • The Independent Reseller Channel

It is important when creating the marketing support programs to reach the end-users those resellers receive a steady flow of qualified sales leads for your products and services to focus more time on your products and less on competitive brands.

The more often you implement results oriented, knowledge based programs, the faster you will develop and maintain a loyal reseller channel that is tuned to success. You will have differentiated yourself and your channel resellers will welcome this support and have confidence that the sales resource power they direct towards your products will blossom into an enhanced profitable relationship.

There are a number of different variations of programs for you to consider.  Each harness a direct marketing technique that is proven and which can be deployed to accomplish specific corporate objectives.  Outlined here is a diagram on one possible program design:

Channel Market

Allow M2B to become your general contractor in the program development, promotion to and interaction with your reseller channel to maximize participation and drive meaningful results.