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Digital Marketing

It’s time to profit from emerging digital marketing tactics to supplement existing marketing techniques. The digital transformation shift is well underway. Budgets are growing and companies are cracking the code on how best to integrate interactive media into their mainstream marketing mix.  Companies that ignore this digital trend are in jeopardy of diminishing their ability to effectively communicate with their marketplace.

It’s time to engage your audience electronically. It can improve lead generation results, lower cost of lead/sales by delivery of targeted, compelling sales messages and calls to action that will captivate prospects long before the first sales person calls.

Email marketing is a major component of this digital marketing transformation. Email has frustrated many companies who have either too little understanding of this emerging digital medium or set unrealistic expectations on all the sales-ready buyers it will identify. Companies need to renovate their e-marketing programs starting with clearly articulating their stated goals and then plan campaigns and events around integrating email as a component of their direct marketing programs to drive improved and measurable results.

M2B can assist you in the challenging area of identifying and capturing more deliverable email addresses on your high potential contacts within the companies you want to retain as customers and prospects you have targeted to reach. We follow all CAM-SPAM guidelines – and then build an integrated program that boost ROI when used in combination with the other marketing tactics your organization uses from tradeshows, direct mail, inside sales/telemarketing, seminars, PR efforts and other traditional media channels.

For example, M2B can develop a campaign to increase trade show & seminars results. Both remain popular but expensive ways to attract prospects. A favorable booth placement or exciting seminar venue will not guarantee a high value group of leads will be generated. Unfortunately, both have the potential to waste money unless a well thought out integrated campaign is developed to attract prospects that are reached in advance and followed up afterwards correctly. It is critical to have a process in-place to set-up appointments, drawn to booth or seminar by relevant executive briefings, events and incentives, categorized as to lead value at the event and prioritized for follow-up afterwards. Employing email to develop the online conversation with all prospects with periodic relevant messages while the sales teams pursue and close the “hot leads” will be vital for success.

Another area that needs attention is using a combination of marketing tactics to drive traffic to your website. Companies are spending money on a wide range of techniques to build awareness and identifying prospects. It’s time to weave traditional marketing seamlessly with interactive to link these efforts directly to their website.

M2B has the experienced resources to review your site design and content to make recommendations on changes that will improve the visitor’s experience by focusing the corporate website on customer needs. Our goal is to make your website ‘listen” and to encourage dialogue. Websites help potential buyers find and evaluate products and can gather feedback that provides the foundation upon which solid marketing plans can be built. Improving a company’s online presence starts with upgrading its website.

To summarize, by tapping into your enriched marketing database and using analytical tools to segment your audiences you will know exactly how to deliver the right messages to the companies and individuals who make the decisions within those companies. You will be able to deploy the correct digital tactics and messages and be in an advantageous position to identify real customer demand while creating an ongoing dialogue that encourages a constant contact-response loop with your marketplace.